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Optimize and fine tune your PC

Has your PC been dragging its feet for the past few weeks? Give it the vitamin C treatment to boost its performance. Ace Utilities optimizes your PC with a series of simple to do operations. View full description


  • Accessible to beginners
  • Obliterate unwanted or dodgy files from your PC
  • Erase duplicate files


  • Seems to miss files in the cleaning process

Very good

Has your PC been dragging its feet for the past few weeks? Give it the vitamin C treatment to boost its performance. Ace Utilities optimizes your PC with a series of simple to do operations.

Let’s take a closer look at what Ace Utilities does and how it handles. The “Clean Up” and “Optimize” options perform basic tasks like removing obsolete files, cleaning errors from your registry, erasing your program history and fixing broken shortcuts. It’s important to carry out these operations regularly not only to free extra space but also for security reasons. Registry entries tend to pile up quickly and deleting them will significantly improve the performance of your PC. You should also erase your history often to best protect your privacy on the web. A tool to remove duplicate folders also caught our attention. This can come in handy when reorganizing your music or photo library. With Ace Utilities you can also erase any remaining traces of files you’ve previously eliminated. If your antivirus doesn’t remove the malware it finds, we suggest you use this tool to safely and efficiently root out those dodgy files. In the “Wipe Deleted File Data” option you should choose to shred files from the recycle bin as an extra precaution.

As with any other self respecting optimizer, Ace Utilities includes essential tools like an autostart manager, to add or remove applications launched at startup, an uninstall manager, and a disk analyzer. If you don’t want to worry about performing these maintenance operations you can schedule them to run at a more convenient time. Ace Utilities is easy to use, it has all the analysis tools you need, but the bottom line is, is it efficient? Just to be on the safe side, we carried out the maintenance tasks twice. To our surprise, Ace Utilities found even more errors the second time around. Shouldn’t the program have cleaned it all up the first time around? Ace Utilities runs smoothly and is accessible to even the most untrained of PC users but we have doubts as to its efficiency. It’s good, but it doesn’t compare to the real king of the hill, CCleaner, a free program that will tidy up your PC like no other.

Speed up and optimize the performance of your Windows PC

Ace Utilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize your PC's performance. With Ace Utilities you can... * Remove unneeded files from your disk and regain disk space. * Remove erroneous entries from Windows registry. * Ensure your privacy by removing your internet browser history. * Erase the usage-history for over 300 third-party applications. * Correct shortcut errors in your Start Menu and desktop. * Easily manage programs and services that start with Windows. * Find and remove true duplicate files and folders. * Uninstall programs properly. * Securely delete files there by making them unrecoverable. * Wipe your disk free space and remove all traces of data that previously existed. * Get a full disk or drive content analysis; results provided in an easy to understand graphical representation. * Easily take backup or perform restoration of your Windows registry. * Compact your registry with one click of a button. * Easily Manage Windows system restore points. and more.
Ace Utilities


Ace Utilities 6

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    by kesh7

    "Good software"

    Nice program. It found several MB of temp files and cleaned up my browser cache..   More.

  • BafhPhoto

    by BafhPhoto

    "Scam Artists...Bait and switch"

    Company is run by scam artists. Paid higher premium in 2010 for permanent license. Was just notified that my "...   More.